Let's Play Phoenix Point – Ep. 20: By the Bay

Let's Play Phoenix Point – Ep. 20: By the Bay

Today, the Project abandons it’s aspirations of an alliance with Synedrion, temporary or otherwise. Time is running short and there’s simply no more time to play at being diplomatic.

Let the fireworks begin.

I backed the original crowdfunding game, but I’m not otherwise affiliated with Phoenix Point or Snapshot Games in any way. I’m just some rando who loves talking about interesting new turn-based strategy games!

You can find out more about Phoenix Point here:

And you can contact me here:

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Special thanks to all my Patrons who have been generous enough to help support the channel!

Raider Lords: Revenant!

Raider Captain: Mike Spark and Valinrook!

Veteran Raiders: AdriRaven, Alois, ash, Ben Hollingshead, Drakiith, Eoftar, Eric Teichmiller, Exsellsior, James Trimmier, Laura and Mike, Leroy Nukenson, Matthew Holmquist, Mildly Nuclear, NOD Goblin Nico, Sir Skelibate, The Cursed Typewriter, Woah77

Honorary Raiders: a normal Joe, austin fagan, Benjamin Grey, Bedrystki Aliaksandr, Brad Quinn, Cecil Kane, crxcrvs, I C U UwU, Kim S. Jensen, Mark Richards, Maximilian Monke, Mazi Melton, Mike Zitter, Mr. Scar Lectures, RobH, Sander Tiemeijer, Tom Edward Idland, Yokes

Raiders-in-Training: A.R. Jackson, Blake Candin, DentonEX, Eugene Fotin, Michael Bohmert, Henrik Reimer, hob0tron, Ludovic, Naum Osenarov, Olav Hope, Purge, Victor Anuck Songs, vucrulez, Zaki

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