10 Sci-Fi Materials from MOVIES

10 Sci-Fi Materials from MOVIES

10 Most Powerful Materials from MOVIES
In This Video we are talking about Top 10 Most powerful Material from the world of Science Fiction.

Credits, Courtesy and Attributions :
(we randomly added clips from so many sources so I will try to give credit as possible )

# Infinity Gems = Infinity stones/Soul Gems [Marvel intellectual property]
6 Gems can be collected on Infinity Gauntlet.
“ Soul Gem”
“Time Gem”
“Space Gem”
“Mind Gem”
“Reality Gem”
“Power Gem”
[Avengers: Infinity Wars 2018]
[Avengers Assemble ]
[Captain America: The First Avenger]

# Green Lantern’s Ring = Power Ring [DC Universe]
A piece of jewelry that grants the wearer incredible & incomprehensible powers, and abilities by harnessing willpower.

[Green Lantern (2011)]
[Justice League ]

# CPH4 [LUCY 2014]
CPH4 is a blue crystalline synthetic molecule from a blockbuster science fiction movie “LUCY.”

# Vibranium
Vibranium is a fictional metal frequently appearing in Marvel Comics and deeply connected to Black Panther and his homeland of. Wakanda.

[Black Panther 2018]
Black Panther animated series
[Marvel Knights Animation – Black Panther]

# Venom
Venom is a black colored extraterrestrial alien symbiote. Which came from space and after exposure to Peter Parker, venom became so powerful by adapting Spiderman’s superpower.
[Venom 2018]
[Spiderman 3]

# Flubbers [Flubbers 1997]
An Absent-Minded professor Robin Williams had invented a green colored jelly-like creation named Flubbers.professor Robin developed jumping spray to use it in a basketball match against his competitors.

# Spiderman’s Web [Marvel intellectual property]
He produces sticky & silky biological webbing from spinnerets in his wrists.

[Spiderman 2002 ]
[Spiderman 2004 ]
[Spiderman 2007 ]
[The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) ]
[The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) ]
[Spider-Man : Homecoming (2017) ]

# The Arc Reactor
The Arc Reactor is a device initially designed by Howard Stark and later modified by his son Tony Stark. In the past the Arc-Reactor was massive which provided power for Stark industries, and now the Stark Tower. https://goo.gl/XXCDyG

[The Invincible Iron Man (2007)]
[Iron Man (2008)]
[Iron Man 2 (2010)]
[Iron Man 3 (2013)]
[Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)]

# Wolverine’s Blades
The iconic claws of Wolverine are made up of Adamantium, which is a fictional metal, and fully capable of cutting nearly anything exposed to it.

The Wolverine 2013
X-men Origins : wolverine 2009
X2 2003

# kryptonite [DC Property ]
Kryptonite is a green colored science fictional radioactive crystalline substance, introduced by Jerry Siegel and the most well-known weakness of DC Comics superhero Superman.

Superman and the Mole Men (1951) – George Reeves as Superman
Superman (1978) – Christopher Reeve as Superman
Superman II (1980) – Christopher Reeve as Superman
Superman III (1983) – Christopher Reeve as Superman
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) – Christopher Reeve as Superman
Superman Returns (2006) – Brandon Routh as Superman
Man of Steel (2013) – Henry Cavill as Superman
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Henry Cavill as Superman
Music Credits:

Marvel Theme/ other remix musics
Remake and Edit By Ender Güney
NCM Epic Music Ender Guney


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